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“Providing the finest coin-operated music, games and leagues to taverns and lounges since 1952.”
For equipment Service please call 780-974-8885


Singles play is Thursday and Friday

Team Play

Wed April 19 Evening Play

Thu April 20 Evening Play

Fri April 21 Evening Play

Sat April 22 All Day

Sun April 23 Finals

Playing Pool

If you would like to see WAL-MAC equipment, leagues, and service in your favourite tavern, lounge, or nightclub - contact us to explore the possibilities. WAL-MAC provides the latest and most appropriate jukeboxes, music, games, leagues, and service. We want you to have the best opportunity for a good time out at your favourite location.

We know you offer your own unique style of food, drinks, and service. You provide the atmosphere. WAL-MAC helps you provide additional opportunities for your patrons to enjoy the time they spend with you. WAL-MAC provides the latest and most appropriate jukeboxes, games, leagues, and service.

We want you to be successful in your venture. We want you to provide the best OPPORTUNITIES to your patrons.

We strive to make business simpler and more profitable for taverns, lounges and nightclubs. We provide more than just equipment - we provide OPPORTUNITIES.


WAL-MAC leagues are fun, yet competitive, and designed for women and men of every ability and skill level. WAL-MAC provides the best league value available via the WAL-MAC 100% RULE, whereby all WAL-MAC League Players contribute to their own prize fund, 100% of which is won back by 100% of the teams. The administration, advertising, and promotion of the leagues are subsidised entirely by WAL-MAC Amusements and supported by the league locations.

Do you own a licensed establishment outside the Edmonton area? We may be able to refer you to the best-qualified Operator in your area.

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