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Current Ranked Players 
WCVNEA Rankings are for reference only, there may be errors. Players are expected to know their correct rankings. 
If a player is found to be playing at the wrong level then they will be disqualified from the tournament

If you win at westerns then you move up to the next level regardless of Wal-Mac Level.

Individuals or teams that finish in the top 10% or 1st and 2nd place (whichever is higher) during the Previous Annual Championship Tournament will be advanced to the next level of play at the current Annual WCVNEA Championships.   

Use Ctrl-F to search for a player on a computer.


  1. Tap the share icon.

  2. Scroll down and tap Find on Page.

  3. Type the word you wish to search.

  4. Use the two arrows to see where that word is on the webpage.

  5. Tap Done to close the search screen.


  1. Click menu, 3 dots and find in page

  2. Type the Name you are looking for

  3. Click Search

Wal-Mac Rankings are in the process of being updated

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