Player Rankings are subject to change
If you feel a ranking is incorrect please contact Nigel.
These are RANKED Walmac players in the Compusport system
Players are Responsible for knowing their own rankings.

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   E   Elite

   O   Open

   SP  Super Premier

   P    Premier

   SV  Super Vegas

   V    Vegas


WCVNEA does not allow players to drop down and play at a lower level so there is no distinction between Ladies and Mens WCVNEA rankings

There are 3 types of status a player can have.



Wal-Mac Status (E,O,SP,P,SV,V). These affect your westerns Status but have no effect when playing in Vegas


Westerns Status (Intermediate, Advanced, Master).

These are affected BY your Wal-Mac Status but DO NOT affect your Wal-Mac Status. For example, you may be ranked Intermediate in Westerns but have no ranking in Wal-Mac. An intermediate player, for example, is not considered a drop-down in Wal-Mac. Master ranking is gained by winning at the advanced level in Westerns and is not affected by your Wal-Mac level

VNEA Vegas Status. Only gained when you win in Vegas, these have an effect on Westerns but not Wal-Mac Status