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Please make sure you have confirmed with your home bar that they will accept your team at their location.
You will not be added to the schedule until team dues are paid!!
REGISTRATION FEES ARE DUE BY the dates shown on the registration form.
A $50 late fee will be applied if full registration is not paid by this date


Weekly Fees are due by Friday each week. Teams will be assessed a fee of $5 per week for each late paymentFor those teams paying by Direct Debit if a payment is declined you will be assessed an admin fee of $20 for each payment declined. After 2 missed payments you will be automatically moved to the eTransfer payment method.

By playing in Wal-Mac Pool League you agree to these terms.

Weekly Dues Payment Options:

Option 1 Payment in full — 4% Discount, eTransfer to

  1. by September 30th, 2024

  2. one payment (28 x weekly dues) See the discount amount above

  3. registration for regular members must be paid up

  4. additional player registration fee due by eTransfer noon Friday week of addition

Option 2 Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) — 2% Discount, 28 weeks Withdrawals start Sept 20th, 2024  (no PAD during Christmas Break)

  1. paperwork completed and filed with Wal-Mac by September 13th, 2024
  2. registration for regular members  must be paid up

  3. additional player registration fee due by eTransfer Friday noon week of addition

  4. discount paid with Tournament winnings


Option 3 Weekly eTransfer 

  1. eTransfer to  (use password 4661702)

  2. must be received by Friday noon each week of play. You must keep up to date with transfers. You can pay ahead but cannot fall behind in payments.

  3. additional player registration fee due Friday noon week of addition

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