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Rescheduling a match is NOT ENCOURAGED but in the event that a match needs to be rescheduled, both teams should make every effort to reschedule the match as soon as possible. All rescheduled matches have to be played by the last night of league play otherwise both teams will receive their average.

Players can play on 2 different teams in the SAME LEAGUE in different divisions, the weeks cannot be combined except for the WCVNEA and the Vegas International Tournaments. You have to select one team to play on in the year-end tournament and that is the only team you can play for at the year-end tournament. The penalty for playing on the wrong team at the year-end tournament will result in zero points. 

In Regular League play you CANNOT play for different teams including as a spare in the same Division (i.e. 2 teams in Tuesday Premier 60) unless you are deleted from one of the teams. You cannot be deleted from a team if you have 8 or more weeks of play. You do not get credit for weeks played if you leave a team.

All leagues excluding Fun will have ONE playoff Tournament for trip(s) to the VNEA Championships in Las Vegas. (Packages will vary.  Specifics will be included in your trip-winning package).  The number of trips awarded and how they are won is based on the number of teams in the Division and ALL decisions regarding packages are the league's decisions and will be FINAL). 8 Weeks of league play are required to participate in the year-end Tournament

Registration is $40 per player. Playing on any team and registering on any other team is $10


A $2 Admin Fee is included in all weekly Fees in weekly fees per player. For Edmonton Teams a $2 Year End Tournament Fee is included in weekly fees per player

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